2 for 1

In honor of Hump Day, I will give a recap of a prior CONQUEST(s).

So I’m in London having a great time. I was hosted by a local promoter who took me around from bar to club to lounge. We ended up late night in this after hours spot where I met this chick (pictured below). We ended up chatting for a quick bit and I invited her back but it was already early morning and she had to go to work. Anyhow, we exchanged social media contact info and kept in touch.

Let’s bring a few prior concepts into the fold and see how they were at play:

  1. Emotional Triggers – They went off because I was introduced to her via my promoter buddy/host and instantly she was attracted to my American accent. Yes, the benefits of the game abroad. Also, she knew my host well so this checked off the safety & security box.
  2. Contact phase – Upon introduction, I sat down next to her and made her comfortable.11830721_10153552245579136_206041883_n
  3. Interview – She asked me tons of questions about the purpose of my trip and life in the states. I hit all the emotional triggers within the questioning to increase her attraction.

When I arrived back into the states, the groundwork was already laid for a visit. In the meantime, we just kept in contact over Skype and I kept building rapport. By the time she came to visit in LA, she had talked me up to her girlfriend that was traveling with her. So essentially, they both wanted me.

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Being a gentlemen, I just CONQUERED one at a time. Her girlfriend came to visit and stay with me at a later date. Talk about 2 birds with 1 stone.

The important thing for you to realize is that the game can be won very early on if you play your cards right. That’s why you must be in the mindset of improving yourself everyday. Because you are the product for women and you want as many buyers on the market to want to purchase your services. Stay in the gym. Stay in class. And stay making your life an interesting story.


Are you her type?

Of course you are! You just need to figure out what her type is and shape your image.

How do you find out her type?

The best way is to look at her friends on social media. They are a clear reflection of what type of people she likes to hang around. You should find at least 1-3 male friends in vacation or travel pics. That is her type!

Another super obvious clue are ex-boyfriends. Those are the perfect match for her. Or what she thinks is her type.

But this site is about overcoming obstacles. So we need a plan in case you don’t fit the description.

Welcome to The Game!

In my world, skills overcome types. Heck I’m usually the first black guy these girls ever kiss. So have no fear if you aren’t currently the type of every girl on campus. I’ll empower you with the knowledge to win her over. Stay tuned…


Home Field Advantage

Let’s talk dating locations.

Movies theaters are so last century. And unless you own a restaurant, I wouldn’t opt there for a first date.

Where you want to go is a place where you are the man. If you’re an artist, take her to your studio. If you’re an athlete, schedule a workout together. If you play in a band, let her sit in on one of your practices. Any place where you can display you’re the man with an unique talent or gift is ideal.

My go to spot is a local bar where I know the owner. When I skip the line and head upstairs to the members lounge, that sets off an emotional trigger to my date that she’s with a man of value. You should do the same on your initial dates.


Exit Interview

As the date is coming to a close, the next objective is to see her again. First, you must go over a checklist of items you should have already addressed.

  1. You are a confident man whom she can feel safe and secure around
  2. You have an interesting life and ambitious goals
  3. You had an amazing time with her and would like to spend more time together

This blog is dedicated to developing you into the perfect package. The closer and sooner we get there, the more lady options and life options will arise. You must be committed to working on yourself. I say all this because the above steps are easier when  you feel good about yourself and where you are headed in life. So if you lack direction, none of my teachings will have their full potency.

So before we enter the next phase of CONQUEST, I want to take some time for people to provide feedback or ask questions. Feel free to message me or leave a comment. Otherwise, we can head to the next phase.

The Interview

You’ve just sat down at your favorite restaurant. You’re wearing your best outfit and you’re looking healthy. Sending all those emotional triggers that say you’re ready for a CONQUEST.

But first, she wants to hear from you. This initial conversation of the contact phase sets the tone for the evening. All you want to do is communicate you’re a ROCKSTAR.

If you are studying math, then you’re the next Einstein. If you’re a comp sci guy, then you’re working on the next Facebook. Social science bros should also have a passion and stories that support you’re the heavyweight champ of college life.

So take some time and review your life. Do you have cool stories where you’re the hero? Awesome experiences that demonstrate how you’re the man? If not, that’s your homework and longer term, that’s your mission.

More on this important topic mañana…


For some reason, when I see that word I think of Michael Rapaport. LOL.

Anyway, so let’s understand what rapport can get you. Ummm. LAID my friend! But why????

Think about this. Who are you most comfortable around? That’s right, people like yourself. Friends/Family. So for the ladies, the same situation applies. They are most comfortable around people like themselves. Obviously, you are the opposite sex, so its your job to understand what makes the particular lady your attempting to conquer tick.

This leads into a very important step of the contact phase. The INTERVIEW!

More on this tomorrow…


The Meet Up

Its now time for that big first date.

You have passed her screening and initiated an emotional trigger that she’s ready to spend some time with you. What to do now? Well, congrats on passing the entry exam, now its time for the first pop quiz.

Take all our previous posts into consideration and come thru calmly and confidently. This will help in the “safety & security” area. Next you want to just relax and have a good time. Its that easy.

The more you are in the mindset of having a good time with a good friend, the better.

The main goals of this date are what the contact phase is all about. Establishing rapport, comfort & trust with her.



Now that you are on the path to becoming THE ROCK via weight training, I need to educate you on how to acquire the women of your dreams.

I like to break the CONQUEST cycle down into 3 phases: 1) Contact 2) Captivation 3) Close.

Each of these phases is equally important and requires a significant amount of understanding & practice.

Let’s focus on the 1st phase for some time. This is the initial contact between you and your woman. It could be online (social media) or offline (social gathering, class or out & about). Regardless, as they say, you only have 1 chance to make a first impression. You need to make it COUNT!

The best approach to mastering the CONTACT phase is to stop thinking of yourself as yourself, but start perceiving how she may view you and understand the emotional triggers (or lack thereof) you are sending throughout the initial impression.

So homework this weekend guys, stopping viewing yourself (via first person) and try to see yourself through the eyes of her.

Have a great weekend sports!