In honor of Hump Day, I will give a recap of a prior CONQUEST(s).

So I’m in London having a great time. I was hosted by a local promoter who took me around from bar to club to lounge. We ended up late night in this after hours spot where I met this chick (pictured below). We ended up chatting for a quick bit and I invited her back but it was already early morning and she had to go to work. Anyhow, we exchanged social media contact info and kept in touch.

Let’s bring a few prior concepts into the fold and see how they were at play:

  1. Emotional Triggers – They went off because I was introduced to her via my promoter buddy/host and instantly she was attracted to my American accent. Yes, the benefits of the game abroad. Also, she knew my host well so this checked off the safety & security box.
  2. Contact phase – Upon introduction, I sat down next to her and made her comfortable.11830721_10153552245579136_206041883_n
  3. Interview – She asked me tons of questions about the purpose of my trip and life in the states. I hit all the emotional triggers within the questioning to increase her attraction.

When I arrived back into the states, the groundwork was already laid for a visit. In the meantime, we just kept in contact over Skype and I kept building rapport. By the time she came to visit in LA, she had talked me up to her girlfriend that was traveling with her. So essentially, they both wanted me.

  • 12033357_10153680771764136_1820201669_n

Being a gentlemen, I just CONQUERED one at a time. Her girlfriend came to visit and stay with me at a later date. Talk about 2 birds with 1 stone.

The important thing for you to realize is that the game can be won very early on if you play your cards right. That’s why you must be in the mindset of improving yourself everyday. Because you are the product for women and you want as many buyers on the market to want to purchase your services. Stay in the gym. Stay in class. And stay making your life an interesting story.


Written by AH

I am the world's #1 playboy. It has nothing to do with money . It was everything to do with skill. Stay tuned my friend!

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