The Cool In You

Been a busy week but had to make time to drop a gem on my followers.

Let’s talk about the notion of cool. Its something heavily discussed in our culture but rarely achieved. Nearly at a mythical status for anyone lucky enough to brush up against its true essence.

But let’s break it down.

When something is hot, that means its moving quickly. For example, when you heat something up in the microwave, you are awakening the electrons and moving them around more rapidly to heat your food. Or when a song heats up, it moves up the Billboard top charts quickly.

Now imagine the opposite of that. Putting something into the freezer. You are simply calming down the electrons to a state of sleep. Its the polar opposite of an awakening.

Quick story. My best friend went abroad to study in Argentina. He left the grind of the east coast for South American culture which includes a nap in the afternoon. The lifestyle there was much more laid back and he adapted very quickly. This led to several conquests but the interesting part of this story was when he returned to LA, he maintained that “anything goes” mindset. The first night we went out, it was unreal. Every girl at our table was throwing themselves at him. He embodied the cool. Well, years later he’s returned to the American way of life in NYC and has a busy job. He hasn’t recaptured that moment but it goes to show you how powerful a position it can be. The ladies will literally melt if you can truly master this state of confidently calm.

So that’s what I need all my true players to be in the process of a CONQUEST. Super chill. So chill, you almost feel like you are asleep yet very alert and keen. This calm feeling will permeate to your target and suddenly she’ll feels relaxed, safe & secure. This relates a lot back to one of my first posts. Its a MUST READ.

Staying calm under pressure is what you need to strive for on your next date/CONQUEST. Nothing can faze you. You are bulletproof and master of your surroundings.

Practice makes perfect so go out there and always stay chill. You are the man. The Myth. The Legend.




How was your friday?

Anybody get a CONQUEST?

If you aren’t laying in bed with a super hot chick right now, then keep reading. You must have done something wrong. I literally never let a night end without a happy ending.

The key is the setup! Its all about stacking the deck in your favor.

For example, when I usually go to a low key bar/lounge, I frequent the same spot to establish a rapport with the bartenders and waitresses. This is helpful when you bring a date there and everyone knows your name. She feels special because you are treated like royalty. This is an emotional trigger of social status approval & safety/security signal.

It shows you are a winner in someone’s eyes and that indirectly impacts her sexual approval rating of you.

So tonight, let’s make it a habit of going to a familiar spot with a lady. When there, you start a campaign of approval by seeking out familiar faces and introducing your date. Lead her on an adventure for the evening and she’ll be all yours by nights end. Trust me! (doesn’t that girl look a bit like Xenia Deli)?


Is She The One?

Of course not silly. There is no such thing as “the one.”

There are actually billions of women on this planet so go out there and enjoy!!!! Don’t delay.

The concept of  “the one”  is just to promote the institution of marriage. Its outdated and primarily still around as a means to control the population. In this day & information age, we have access to an endless amount of connections and opportunities and LADIES!!!!.

I was just chatting with this hot model in Spain whom I met on Instagram. This access was NOT available to players even 10 years ago. You need to learn how to set up your life to maximize your potential. The mission of this blog is to help guide you based on my experiences.

The internet has brought us a level of connectedness unprecedented in human history. From blogs to social networks to search engines to apps, the world is now a smaller place, where over time, will become even smaller.

You must take advantage of this. From starting your own online business (will go more into this later, so keep coming back to read how to get RICH from owning your online biz) to meeting a hot girl overseas and scheduling a date (been there, done that).

Anyhow, the point is, no need to settle anymore in your local area. Explore the globe. Explore as many women as possible. And spread the word. Alex Hitch will help get you to the promised land!!!!

Road to Conquest

If you have been following my blog, you have been made aware of the phases I’ve detailed that lead to a CONQUEST.

If not, please review here.

The Contact is so important i’m going to spend the rest of the year covering it.

I’ll then jump into Captivation which will take us all of 2016 to master.

Finally we’ll conclude with detailed information on the Close.

So stay dialed over the next 18 months. My goal is to educate & enlighten along the way. This isn’t just about conquering women, but its more about conquering LIFE.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question because the more feedback I get from you, the better I’m able to explain the tools and skills necessary for your success.

Stay tuned!!!


Contact Sport

So you wake up this morning, a bit hungover and a bit dazed and confused about last night.

You check your cell phone for pics and possibly new numbers of the hotties you met the prior evening. But all you see are a few drunken photos of yourself and your pals at the bar throwing back shots.

This is a common mistake made by players of all levels and skill sets. They simply don’t leave their comfort zone. Its partially a numbers game gentlemen. Can’t stress that enough.

Yes, it feels safe and secure hanging with your closest friends in the corner of a bar but guess what. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

You miss every shot you don’t take and this is especially true in the CONQUEST context. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bagged a hot chick by just being a lil brave and introducing myself. The worse she can do is ignore, but guess what, there are probably another 5 other hotties that won’t.

My team and I use to have a quota of girls we would need to approach any given night. This is a great practice because it forces you to leave the nest and mingle with new potential CONQUESTS.

So my recommendation for you tonight is to set a quota of 10 and force yourself to engage in those initial awkward moments. The possibilities are endless when you do. The predictable ending of a night hanging with the bros is over.



Or better known in the great USA as Facebook.

How does this social media platform with over 1.2 billion people fit into the grande scheme of things??

Well, no matter how many friends or followers you have on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, you are responsible for your own personal brand. You are the sole editor & publisher of all your content that inevitably communicates a message to whomever views your blog, pictures or videos.

What message are you sending right now to the world?!?!?

Just like any brand, it is prudent to craft a consistent image/message. Based on my previous post about “emotional triggers,” you want to send a message that ignites a good emotion.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Adventurous – this signals you are confident in yourself and willing to take calculated risks for the thrill of it
  2. Dangerous – too much of this can send the idea that you are reckless and less than trustworthy
  3. Desirable – a good dose of this message can boost your value in the eyes of the beholder and lead to intense emotions of lust

All this is just to say, THINK BEFORE YOU POST! Each piece of content you display for the world should have a message for your intended audience. Even family pictures signal that you are loved and have the capacity to love. Same thing with a good pet photo.

My initial posting frequency use to be whenever and wherever before I learned that it makes no sense. Treat your name as your brand and your images as your product shots and you’ll be on your way to developing a strong social media presence & following.


Fesbook pt. 2

How to attract the women of your dreams with social media

With many dating apps such as Bumble and social networks like Instagram, the opportunity to meet interesting people is endless.

You must take full advantage of this new era of social media meet ups by developing a plan to attract the object of your desire.

My approach consists of 3 phases:

  1. Contact – this involves commenting, direct messages & likes
  2. Captivation – this entails hanging out with the person you contacted
  3. Close – the end game


So you come across a hot girl on Instagram. What do you do?

fesbook girl

Leaving a comment about her beauty is pointless. She gets 1000s of these every single day. You need to stand out among a crowd and sea of endless guys trying to get her attention.

Then you need to audit her profile to see what she’s about.

Next step is to think of something super interesting about her and make a remark or direct message. Another option is initially approaching her with something totally unromantic related to your business. This is somewhat of an advanced move because if you aren’t careful you will land in the friend zone and its tough to get out unless you have amazing skills.

Anyhow, hit her up with anything that will grab her attention and preferably something super clever and definitely keep it platonic on this initial contact.


This is a phase where you separate the men from the boys. The amateurs from the pros. The winners from the losers.

You successfully passed the first phase and now your options are endless. Do you take her to dinner? Or maybe the latest blockbuster movie?

No. No. No.

Once again you can’t approach a super hot chick in the conventional manner as every other guy. You must do something truly unique. You must demonstrate clearly why there isn’t a better romantic option on the planet than yourself.

A favorite move of mine is inviting a girl to see me at work. So if you are an artist, bring her to your studio. If you are corporate type, let her see you flex your business muscles in action on a power lunch date. If you are an athlete, invite her to see your next game.

No matter what your occupation, the best option to win her over is allowing her to view you in action when you are the most alpha male in the room. If you don’t currently have a situation where this is the case, then here is a clear opportunity for you to address.



The final step. The CONQUEST is nearly complete. One of my favorite sayings is always be closing. It is absolutely true with women as well as business.

You got to seal the deal. You’ve done all the hard work in the prior phases, so the last hurdle is simply taking the actions that lead to the goal.

The key in this final phase is to setup a situation when the night ends in your lair. You want to make your intentions known by doing something that is special.

If you are aware of her favorite musical artist, then take her to a performance where you have front row seats. The bottom line is that all roads lead to your spot.

Well, now you have the blueprint for crushing the hottest women on social media. Stay tuned to learn more skills and hear more stories on winning this great game.



I’m Back!

Well, that was fun!

Just got back into the office after a weekend in San Diego for a cool waterfront park festival full of house, dance & electronic music.

I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in 8 years but we picked up where we left off. Having a blast and enjoying life.

One of the most important elements and understanding about The Game is that is just a game. Its for fun! You should enjoy every moment of every CONQUEST and realize its just another human pastime.

Much like sports, the game requires dedication, commitment and a level of physical fitness to achieve greatness. I arrived at my level of knowledge & performance through many many years of studying people & their behaviors.

In the end, I want to spread the message of peace and love because I believe the ability and capacity of people to embody the aforementioned traits makes us human.

Weekend retreat

Heading out of town for a weekend getaway. My first mini vacation in awhile.

You homework this weekend is to try to take a previous principle I’ve explained and put it into practice!

Practice makes perfect!

A simple step that everyone can improve is a higher contact rate. Get out of your dorm room/apartment and start meeting people face to face. It does wonders.

The best way to approach a girl is simply introducing yourself, making friendly eye contact and displaying a confident smile. That’s it. Then once the interview starts, you know what to do. You are the writer/director of your own movie/life starring YOU!

Be also mindful to listen to her story and look for opportunities to find commonalities among your life experience.

Anyhow, I got a plane to catch. I’ll be back with a full recap early Tues. morning.

In the meantime, GO CONTACT & CONQUEST.

Stay closing,