Been a busy week but had to make time to drop a gem on my followers.

Let’s talk about the notion of cool. Its something heavily discussed in our culture but rarely achieved. Nearly at a mythical status for anyone lucky enough to brush up against its true essence.

But let’s break it down.

When something is hot, that means its moving quickly. For example, when you heat something up in the microwave, you are awakening the electrons and moving them around more rapidly to heat your food. Or when a song heats up, it moves up the Billboard top charts quickly.

Now imagine the opposite of that. Putting something into the freezer. You are simply calming down the electrons to a state of sleep. Its the polar opposite of an awakening.

Quick story. My best friend went abroad to study in Argentina. He left the grind of the east coast for South American culture which includes a nap in the afternoon. The lifestyle there was much more laid back and he adapted very quickly. This led to several conquests but the interesting part of this story was when he returned to LA, he maintained that “anything goes” mindset. The first night we went out, it was unreal. Every girl at our table was throwing themselves at him. He embodied the cool. Well, years later he’s returned to the American way of life in NYC and has a busy job. He hasn’t recaptured that moment but it goes to show you how powerful a position it can be. The ladies will literally melt if you can truly master this state of confidently calm.

So that’s what I need all my true players to be in the process of a CONQUEST. Super chill. So chill, you almost feel like you are asleep yet very alert and keen. This calm feeling will permeate to your target and suddenly she’ll feels relaxed, safe & secure. This relates a lot back to one of my first posts. Its a MUST READ.

Staying calm under pressure is what you need to strive for on your next date/CONQUEST. Nothing can faze you. You are bulletproof and master of your surroundings.

Practice makes perfect so go out there and always stay chill. You are the man. The Myth. The Legend.


Written by AH

I am the world's #1 playboy. It has nothing to do with money . It was everything to do with skill. Stay tuned my friend!

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