“You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

We have all heard them. The one liners delivered with such confidence. Although on the surface they may appear effective in grabbing the attention of your desired target, in the long run, they make you look like a moron.


Best pick up line of my career is “Hello.”

THAT’S IT. Its that simple. No need for any clever, cute or dirty pick up lines. The best way to approach a girl is just say “hello,” give your name, and exude a confident smile/persona.

I love using basketball references, so let’s get back to the court. Did you ever see Jordan or Kobe do anything exotic. With the exception of an aerobatic shot when necessary, they were strictly exhibiting mastery of the FUNDAMENTALS.

Same principal applies in the girl game. You must exhibit mastery of the fundamentals. Its the only way. There isn’t a magical pick up line or series of words you will say to enchant someone. It comes down essentially to how you make her feel overall. This is impacted by your appearance, social circle, mannerisms, body language and social status.

It’s my mission to train you all into becoming world class players in the girl game and life.

So drop those cheesy pick up lines in your head RIGHT NOW & let’s go back to the drawing board of how to appropriately contact a women.

Cheesy pick up lines

Written by AH

I am the world's #1 playboy. It has nothing to do with money . It was everything to do with skill. Stay tuned my friend!

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