I’m going to receive Xmas cards for this insightful post!

If eyes are the window to the soul, shoes are the front door to mind. It telegraphs exactly what the person is feeling at the moment.

The first thing I scan for when I pick up a date are her shoes. This will tell me exactly the type of mood she’s in, a clue of what to expect later on and even an idea of her political affiliations. Yes I’m that good 😉

Let’s review a few options:

  1. Stilettos – She’s been anticipating seeing you for awhile and wants to put her best foot forward (no pun intended). There has been a lot of pre-planning in her mind and she’s definitely considering sleeping with you even if its the first date. This eagerness needs to be combatted with a smooth and less anxious approach. It will drive her crazy and want you more. Before the end of the night, she’ll be dying to take off those stilettos and jump into your arms. You just gotta play it cool all night long.8762e128399a96995e2116455af62954
  2. Flats – Slow your roll playboy. You just approached the intersection and the light turned bright yellow. For the record, she’s going to play the date conservative and you’ve been essentially timelined in her mind. What does that mean? Simple, she’s made up in her mind  (and with her friends) that you won’t be rounding second base until the 3rd or 4th date (if lucky) and you won’t even come close to home base unless she gets an adequate response rate on text messaging in between meet ups. Best course of action is to go with the flow. Maybe you can find some deep connection as she reveals her life to you. Most importantly, understand WHY she’s feeling the way she’s feeling. She could have just got out of an awful relationship and feels that all men are dogs. If you can deploy some ninja listening skills and figure it out, you might be able to fast track your CONQUEST application.Chanel_Quilted2_Ballet_Flats_Black__40631_zoom__44348_zoom-1
  3. Athletic shoes – Stop! Not pass go. Do Not collect $200!!!!!! Its official. You have been friend zoned. All that daydreaming about taking her back to your place after dinner is out of the question. She’s hanging with you so you can help her with that history 101 midterm she’s been procrastinating to study. Here is what I’d do. Play along and also make it seem like you didn’t have any romantic interest. This way you don’t seem let down and you can hang with her at a later date. The key will be her telling all her friends how chill you were and you then can start the process all over with her single and attractive roommate.273245

So be aware what she is telling you via her shoe choice. All these clues (read previous posts) are building up to create a clear picture of how to proceed to play the game correctly. If she’s agreed to spend an evening with you, that means you’ve passed her pre-screening and will be allowed to board the plane (if you play your cards right).

Stay calm, stay in control, stay building rapport & stay ahead of the CONQUEST game!

Oh, almost forgot to mention a 4th and personal favorite category of mine. Its the “I’m so hot, i’ll wear these exotic shoes to let you know you better bring your A game.”

More on that later…


Written by AH

I am the world's #1 playboy. It has nothing to do with money . It was everything to do with skill. Stay tuned my friend!

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