Now that I’ve got your attention. I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. Grew up like any ordinary human. But I wanted things from life. Some material, some not. That’s not whats important. The key is HOW YOU GO ABOUT OBTAINING your goals no matter how crazy or out of reach they may appear at first.

My best friend, Dhor and I have basically broke down any situation you encounter to 3 phases:

  1. Contact
  2. Captivation 
  3. Close

I’ll go more into detail about each of these later as I reveal and detail a winning strategy and framework in life that works! I’m here to share my stories and experiences and hopefully you will learn a thing or two. In the meantime, check back daily for new posts as I recall and report pivotal moments, findings & learnings that led me to where I am today in life. WINNING!!!!

Always be closing,


Disclaimer: Alex Hitch is for entertainment purposes ONLY. This site should by no means substitute for real medical attention, advice or treatment. If you are seeking a medical professional, please contact your nearest therapist or physician. Alex Hitch, Inc. or any entities representing Alex Hitch are not liable or accountable for any actions resulting from the content published. Again, a clinically trained professional is recommended if you are in need of medical and/or mental help.


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