Enigmatic Masterdom

The mysterious master of one’s domain. This the intended goal of this program I’m revealing for anyone interested.

But first, to CONQUER your environment, you must start with yourself.


It is the first step to truly understanding others. Here is a book I highly recommend for those that are interested in exploring the psyche of others. You MUST READ.

Please understand me

Once you get the psychology of people down, the next step is to finance your operation/growing social empire. Having a passive income stream will free your time to explore the world.

This step is challenging but totally doable if you put in the TIME. Start will an online business. The easiest one is simply selling a product. Buy low, sell high. This book below will also equip you with the MINDSET necessary to be successful in business and eventually life. Its another MUST READ.

Fortune's Formula

Once you finish both books and put in the work to free your time, you are now ready to start your CONQUEST mission. Pick a country that you’ve always wanted to visit, book a AirBnb, flight & setup shop in that city.

Go to the cafes and just start talking to people. Get the scoop on where the social epicenter of that city resides and then start showing up at night to hang & party. Meet people, exchange ideas and you will be on the path to achieving whatever your brain can dream.

I will leave you with that. Enjoy your Thanksgiving my friends. Be Inspired!

Is She The One?

Of course not silly. There is no such thing as “the one.”

There are actually billions of women on this planet so go out there and enjoy!!!! Don’t delay.

The concept of  “the one”  is just to promote the institution of marriage. Its outdated and primarily still around as a means to control the population. In this day & information age, we have access to an endless amount of connections and opportunities and LADIES!!!!.

I was just chatting with this hot model in Spain whom I met on Instagram. This access was NOT available to players even 10 years ago. You need to learn how to set up your life to maximize your potential. The mission of this blog is to help guide you based on my experiences.

The internet has brought us a level of connectedness unprecedented in human history. From blogs to social networks to search engines to apps, the world is now a smaller place, where over time, will become even smaller.

You must take advantage of this. From starting your own online business (will go more into this later, so keep coming back to read how to get RICH from owning your online biz) to meeting a hot girl overseas and scheduling a date (been there, done that).

Anyhow, the point is, no need to settle anymore in your local area. Explore the globe. Explore as many women as possible. And spread the word. Alex Hitch will help get you to the promised land!!!!