Gotta give it up to a true champion.

The man was won 5 titles, speaks a few languages and is a family man.

But the key takeaway here is how he approaches the game. They call him the black mambo for a reason.


That’s what you gotta be. Remember Winners Win. History doesn’t remember second place finishers. You must always strive to be #1.

More importantly, as Kobe’s career has shown, you must consistently put in the work to be the best. Just not any work, the right work.

So what is the right work? Well in this CONQUEST world, the right work begins with 100 ABs. That’s right you must go out on 100 dates to really under the game.

You must study the psychology of people and what they want. Then give it to them. Its that simple. Give the people what they want.

Kobe Bryant

You Don’t Miss Her

Everybody has that moment of weakness when they are looking at their cell phone wondering if they should txt their ex.

Well, let me help you through this temporary crisis of comfort, Do Not Text.

Let’s just take a step back and analyze what has led you to this point. Most likely you’ve been single for a few weeks or months. The honeymoon period of hitting the club with your boys has worn off and you are starting to realize how much WORK it requires to find another attractive and combative compatible significant other.

This is where and why you have that instant gratification device in your hand and you are ready to pull the trigger on “SEND.” But if you stop for a moment, and really think about it, there is a good reason why you aren’t together. You don’t really miss her, you miss the good times you shared.

Most likely you’ve had a fairly enjoyable relationship before some snag started to surface and eventually grew into a deal breaker. This same deal breaker still exists and hasn’t fundamentally changed because you been away for a few weeks or months. The bottom line is that you are seeking comfort from the unsympathetic dating market and you are looking to find it in a familiar & safe place.

You are wrong in that temporary train of thought. That safe haven that you believe is waiting for you is really empty. You had your moments together but the timing wasn’t right. You must move on.

But, I have good news. If you continue to read this blog and research some of my previous posts, you will start to build out the foundation to not only survive in the dating market, but begin to actually thrive!!!

Like sports, its 90% mental in the matchmaking arena. You need the right conditioning & training but more importantly the right mentality & mindset to be successful across multiple opportunities and targets.

So stay strong my friend and put your iPhone back in your pocket. You will be armed with more potent tools & skills very soon. Stay tuned.

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An important element of the game is studying how well you perform in the field. This can be done by debriefing with your wingman after a long night out or the following day. Most mornings after a night out, I found myself in bed with a hot young lady or grabbing breakfast with her, so recaps generally had to wait til the following afternoon.

How you benefit in exchanging notes with your teammate is seeing different patterns in the sequences of events from that evening. Did he pick up on anything that may have slipped your awareness? Did he notice any early signs that the ladies were signaling to you that you had a winning ticket? Were there some competitive males trying to throw salt in your game?

More often than not, my teammates and I would compare notes on CONQUEST targets. What was she wearing? How did she speak? What part of town did she travel from? What type of guy did she generally expect to meet? What was her occupation? How was her body language? Was she receptive during initial contact?

There are subtle clues that everyone intentionally and unintentionally expresses.

Everybody tells a story about their life by:

  1. how they dress
  2. how they carry themselves
  3. the company they keep
  4. their eyes
  5. facial expressions
  6. shoes
  7. earrings/nose piercings/piercings in general
  8. tattoos
  9. weight
  10. height

They may seem obvious but each contributes to an overall profile of an individual and their experiences in the world. Depending on your location when you meet, you can put clues together and start to connect the dots. This leads to an ocean of exploration called the CAPTIVATION phase which I will get to next year.

In meantime, huddle up with your boys and figure out how you will increase your scoring avgs for the rest of this 2015 season.


Your Team

They say you are only as strong as your weakest link. So gents, you must have a tight crew of guys whenever you are on the prowl. At a minimum, you need a wingman who compliments your game.

Girls love it when they get hit on by a guy and his friend is equally as charming. The key in these interactions is to demonstrate how cool and likable you are as a pair. This will signal to them that you are a chill crew and the likelihood of hanging out again will dramatically increase.

So identify who is your most compatible bro and go out there and get em!