Or better known in the great USA as Facebook.

How does this social media platform with over 1.2 billion people fit into the grande scheme of things??

Well, no matter how many friends or followers you have on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, you are responsible for your own personal brand. You are the sole editor & publisher of all your content that inevitably communicates a message to whomever views your blog, pictures or videos.

What message are you sending right now to the world?!?!?

Just like any brand, it is prudent to craft a consistent image/message. Based on my previous post about “emotional triggers,” you want to send a message that ignites a good emotion.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Adventurous – this signals you are confident in yourself and willing to take calculated risks for the thrill of it
  2. Dangerous – too much of this can send the idea that you are reckless and less than trustworthy
  3. Desirable – a good dose of this message can boost your value in the eyes of the beholder and lead to intense emotions of lust

All this is just to say, THINK BEFORE YOU POST! Each piece of content you display for the world should have a message for your intended audience. Even family pictures signal that you are loved and have the capacity to love. Same thing with a good pet photo.

My initial posting frequency use to be whenever and wherever before I learned that it makes no sense. Treat your name as your brand and your images as your product shots and you’ll be on your way to developing a strong social media presence & following.


Fesbook pt. 2

How to attract the women of your dreams with social media

With many dating apps such as Bumble and social networks like Instagram, the opportunity to meet interesting people is endless.

You must take full advantage of this new era of social media meet ups by developing a plan to attract the object of your desire.

My approach consists of 3 phases:

  1. Contact – this involves commenting, direct messages & likes
  2. Captivation – this entails hanging out with the person you contacted
  3. Close – the end game


So you come across a hot girl on Instagram. What do you do?

fesbook girl

Leaving a comment about her beauty is pointless. She gets 1000s of these every single day. You need to stand out among a crowd and sea of endless guys trying to get her attention.

Then you need to audit her profile to see what she’s about.

Next step is to think of something super interesting about her and make a remark or direct message. Another option is initially approaching her with something totally unromantic related to your business. This is somewhat of an advanced move because if you aren’t careful you will land in the friend zone and its tough to get out unless you have amazing skills.

Anyhow, hit her up with anything that will grab her attention and preferably something super clever and definitely keep it platonic on this initial contact.


This is a phase where you separate the men from the boys. The amateurs from the pros. The winners from the losers.

You successfully passed the first phase and now your options are endless. Do you take her to dinner? Or maybe the latest blockbuster movie?

No. No. No.

Once again you can’t approach a super hot chick in the conventional manner as every other guy. You must do something truly unique. You must demonstrate clearly why there isn’t a better romantic option on the planet than yourself.

A favorite move of mine is inviting a girl to see me at work. So if you are an artist, bring her to your studio. If you are corporate type, let her see you flex your business muscles in action on a power lunch date. If you are an athlete, invite her to see your next game.

No matter what your occupation, the best option to win her over is allowing her to view you in action when you are the most alpha male in the room. If you don’t currently have a situation where this is the case, then here is a clear opportunity for you to address.



The final step. The CONQUEST is nearly complete. One of my favorite sayings is always be closing. It is absolutely true with women as well as business.

You got to seal the deal. You’ve done all the hard work in the prior phases, so the last hurdle is simply taking the actions that lead to the goal.

The key in this final phase is to setup a situation when the night ends in your lair. You want to make your intentions known by doing something that is special.

If you are aware of her favorite musical artist, then take her to a performance where you have front row seats. The bottom line is that all roads lead to your spot.

Well, now you have the blueprint for crushing the hottest women on social media. Stay tuned to learn more skills and hear more stories on winning this great game.