Gotta give it up to a true champion.

The man was won 5 titles, speaks a few languages and is a family man.

But the key takeaway here is how he approaches the game. They call him the black mambo for a reason.


That’s what you gotta be. Remember Winners Win. History doesn’t remember second place finishers. You must always strive to be #1.

More importantly, as Kobe’s career has shown, you must consistently put in the work to be the best. Just not any work, the right work.

So what is the right work? Well in this CONQUEST world, the right work begins with 100 ABs. That’s right you must go out on 100 dates to really under the game.

You must study the psychology of people and what they want. Then give it to them. Its that simple. Give the people what they want.

Kobe Bryant

Winners Win

Everybody likes a winner.

This isn’t a huge secret or revelation but you must decide the path you will take that will lead to the winner’s circle.

Step 1: Pick something you’re good at

Step 2: Pursue that something like your life depends on it

Step 3: Self-promote like its your business

Step 4: Network and meet other successful people

Step 5: Retire and raise a family

Its that simple. The toughest part is making that commitment to yourself and following through. Everyone has a dream but few people have the drive to see it all the way through especially when faced with adversity.

Also, deciding a path can also be problematic for some. If you really examine your life and what truly interests you, it should be clear what industry and profession you target.

Then the fun begins.

As they say, to the victor goes the spoils!!!

enigmatic masterdom

Enigmatic Masterdom

The mysterious master of one’s domain. This the intended goal of this program I’m revealing for anyone interested.

But first, to CONQUER your environment, you must start with yourself.


It is the first step to truly understanding others. Here is a book I highly recommend for those that are interested in exploring the psyche of others. You MUST READ.

Please understand me

Once you get the psychology of people down, the next step is to finance your operation/growing social empire. Having a passive income stream will free your time to explore the world.

This step is challenging but totally doable if you put in the TIME. Start will an online business. The easiest one is simply selling a product. Buy low, sell high. This book below will also equip you with the MINDSET necessary to be successful in business and eventually life. Its another MUST READ.

Fortune's Formula

Once you finish both books and put in the work to free your time, you are now ready to start your CONQUEST mission. Pick a country that you’ve always wanted to visit, book a AirBnb, flight & setup shop in that city.

Go to the cafes and just start talking to people. Get the scoop on where the social epicenter of that city resides and then start showing up at night to hang & party. Meet people, exchange ideas and you will be on the path to achieving whatever your brain can dream.

I will leave you with that. Enjoy your Thanksgiving my friends. Be Inspired!


The main insight around height and weight are fairly obvious. They are extensions of the wardrobe. How a women carries her weight and showcases her height are reflections of how she feels about herself. Much like some of the previous points I’ve covered.

All this boils down to how someone feels and how can you relate to it.

Well, this will conclude my 10 part series on the fundamentals of the story someone can tell by:

  1. how they dress
  2. how they carry themselves
  3. the company they keep
  4. their eyes
  5. facial expressions
  6. shoes
  7. earrings/nose piercings/piercings in general
  8. tattoos
  9. weight
  10. height

I would encourage everyone to review the aforementioned in depth. I’m going back into the lab and will continue educating players around the Contact phase of the game.

Enjoy your weekend people and remember “Always be closing.”

Later Conquistadors!!!

Alex Htich

Earrings/Nose piercings/Tattoos/Piercings in general

What this jewelry really is communicating is basically how open-minded a person can be.

A nose ring usually means she’s fairly liberal and open-minded.

A tattoo above her lower back screams, “I’m a good time.”

A tongue ring means, well, you should know that one. Lol.

All the above are done to express something to the world. They are symbols of shifts from the status quo. She wants to be different and unique by decorating her body and that’s a key ingredient for a skilled player to be mindful.

You are a different experience in her mind. And the interaction/relationship you develop is something unique. So you need to position yourself as such.

Show her you can be as unique and a shift from the status quo by sharing a rebellious experience. If you do not have tattoos or piercings, keep in mind you will be under suspicion of being too normal/average so its critical through your actions or stories you demonstrate that you aren’t some average Joe.

A personal favorite story of mine when encountering this type of girl is when I was in high school. I use to run with a rough crew and get into trouble. Upon telling some stories about these adventures, it immediately puts my date at ease because people normally feel most comfortable around individuals that are like-minded. The more you can relate to each others worldly experiences and beliefs, the more connected she’ll feel and the faster an intimate moment may arise.

So if you are reading this and reflecting upon your life without any crazy stories, then go out there and create one. Obviously be safe but even traveling all alone in a foreign country sleeping in hostels and meeting new people will satisfy the screening of these decorated women.

Go get it done tiger!!!

Tattoo girl


I’m going to receive Xmas cards for this insightful post!

If eyes are the window to the soul, shoes are the front door to mind. It telegraphs exactly what the person is feeling at the moment.

The first thing I scan for when I pick up a date are her shoes. This will tell me exactly the type of mood she’s in, a clue of what to expect later on and even an idea of her political affiliations. Yes I’m that good 😉

Let’s review a few options:

  1. Stilettos – She’s been anticipating seeing you for awhile and wants to put her best foot forward (no pun intended). There has been a lot of pre-planning in her mind and she’s definitely considering sleeping with you even if its the first date. This eagerness needs to be combatted with a smooth and less anxious approach. It will drive her crazy and want you more. Before the end of the night, she’ll be dying to take off those stilettos and jump into your arms. You just gotta play it cool all night long.8762e128399a96995e2116455af62954
  2. Flats – Slow your roll playboy. You just approached the intersection and the light turned bright yellow. For the record, she’s going to play the date conservative and you’ve been essentially timelined in her mind. What does that mean? Simple, she’s made up in her mind  (and with her friends) that you won’t be rounding second base until the 3rd or 4th date (if lucky) and you won’t even come close to home base unless she gets an adequate response rate on text messaging in between meet ups. Best course of action is to go with the flow. Maybe you can find some deep connection as she reveals her life to you. Most importantly, understand WHY she’s feeling the way she’s feeling. She could have just got out of an awful relationship and feels that all men are dogs. If you can deploy some ninja listening skills and figure it out, you might be able to fast track your CONQUEST application.Chanel_Quilted2_Ballet_Flats_Black__40631_zoom__44348_zoom-1
  3. Athletic shoes – Stop! Not pass go. Do Not collect $200!!!!!! Its official. You have been friend zoned. All that daydreaming about taking her back to your place after dinner is out of the question. She’s hanging with you so you can help her with that history 101 midterm she’s been procrastinating to study. Here is what I’d do. Play along and also make it seem like you didn’t have any romantic interest. This way you don’t seem let down and you can hang with her at a later date. The key will be her telling all her friends how chill you were and you then can start the process all over with her single and attractive roommate.273245

So be aware what she is telling you via her shoe choice. All these clues (read previous posts) are building up to create a clear picture of how to proceed to play the game correctly. If she’s agreed to spend an evening with you, that means you’ve passed her pre-screening and will be allowed to board the plane (if you play your cards right).

Stay calm, stay in control, stay building rapport & stay ahead of the CONQUEST game!

Oh, almost forgot to mention a 4th and personal favorite category of mine. Its the “I’m so hot, i’ll wear these exotic shoes to let you know you better bring your A game.”

More on that later…


Facial Expressions

There are 7 fundamental emotions that are displayed via facial expressions: anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise and contempt. Universally accepted as the basis of facial communication, these emotions can once more tell a story.

Let’s just take one we are all very familiar. The smile 🙂

This is the universal expression of happiness or joy. When a girl gives you a smile, we believe its an open invitation for CONQUEST.

This might be the case but we need to examine the micro-expression to truly understand what she is trying to communicate.

Some smiles can mean “get lost.” Those are the half baked coy expressions that as players we all dread. The kill em with kindness move.

I’ve been out hunting at many of bars and had girls give this smile proceeded by walking off. The key is to recognize early micro-expressions to gauge if you are in friendly or hostile territory.

Also, I’ve incorporated and consciously make an effort to smile more. At the supermarket, shopping mall, campus or wherever you go, try to make an effort to smile all the time. You will see the results instantly 🙂

You will be surprised at the reactions and opportunities that open up. Its like the law of attraction, if you spread joy, it will come back to you. Also, smiling reflects a solid and healthy mental state. So do your best young soldier to get and there and give/receive those favorable signals of interest!