The Windows to the Soul

Their eyes. Not to be overlooked. No pun intended.

Peering into someone’s eyes can usually initiate a certain feeling. Nothing really something super tangible but everyone has a 6th sense about a person when making eye contact.

You must learn to trust that feeling/gut instinct.

Eyes communicate intention. That’s why you see poker players wearing shades during high stakes poker matches because they don’t want to tip their hand.

This is precisely how you should approach this area. As an opportunity to gather information about the person and further understand their intent and motives in your “relationship.”

If you feel hesitant to trust that person then you will probably discover sometime in the future why that’s the case.

If you feel a certain sadness being reflected by that person’s eyes, then you will probably find some deep emotional scars in their past.

You need to learn to trust that nagging feeling in your gut that’s trying to tell you something. It usually turns out right.

In addition, you can think of your eyes as invisible hands. When you look someone up and down, its almost similar to a pat down.

Over time, you should be able to use your own eyes as a means of communication and extension of your mind/body/soul. A flirtatious glance can go a long way to communicating your confidence and desire to CONQUEST.

So pay special attention on your next AB (At Bat = Date). Look her right in the eyes and see if that soul is glowing back at you.


The Company They Keep

The good ole “birds of a feather” saying. It is for the most part absolutely true.

When you first meet a girl, try to identify her type by researching or meeting her “crew.” This process is usually simple via Instagram or Facebook. Do a little detective work and see how her friends roll.

Are they the party type? The crew that is enamored with material items? Adventurous/Raver type? Athletic/Outdoors type? Cultured/Art walk type??

No matter what the type you must adapt if you want to play the game. This requires you being flexible and open-minded and subject to change. Keep in mind, this is the game. You aren’t trying to spend the rest of your life with these ladies. You are seeking unique experiences and then keeping it moving.

It will be fun and enjoyable. For example if you bump into the nature crew, schedule a date where you take her on a hike somewhere cool. Take pictures and enjoy the scenery.

If you bump into the fashionista, hit the mall and have her help you pick out a cool new shirt. She’ll love to play the stylist role and you will see her in her element.

For my specialty, the party girls, this will require several posts to break down but i’ll give you an introduction to the end game. You need to take her out for the TIME OF HER LIFE. I mean, UBER black, stroll straight into the club, drinks, dancing and even a dope afterparty should be part of the agenda. You will be the ringmaster for the evening.

A typical night for me started with dinner reservations around 9 p.m. I would invite a group of friends and sometimes she would too. After a few hours of getting to know each over some Sushi, we would hit the clubs. Now this is important. You must KNOW somebody at the door so there is no delay to your entry. She wants to feel special so you must start building relationships with bouncers and door guys now so when you are on your big date, you get smooth entry into the club. NO DELAYS.

Once inside, you need to be THE MAN. Drinks on you. Lead her to the dancefloor and claim your prize at the end of the night. Well, what are you waiting for! The night is young gents!!!!!

How they carry themselves

This is definitely for the more advanced players in the game, but body language is a huge ocean of information that can be gathered to determine the best plan of attack.

The clues:

  1. upright posture – she’s confident and self assured, you must match this will greater confidence and command of your environment/surroundings
  2. slightly leaning forward – in general she is more needy than most, you must capitalize on this with decisive moves to seal the deal
  3. her head is on a swivel – game over, she’s really not interested

The main thing to note with body language is that it is another language. Learn to pick up on her movements and start to collect a host of meanings assigned to those movements. You will be able to adjust more quickly and change your game real-time to match the opponent.

Also, keep your body language strong and confident at ALL TIMES. Even if you are unsure about something, act self-assured and figure it out later. As you get more practice, you simply become more confident. I recommend 100 at-bats (dates) to really understand the process of CONQUEST. Get to it!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.58.15 PM

How they dress

We could spend weeks on this one subject but I’ll give you my learnings as clearly and concisely as possible.

What a women wears is a billboard for how she feels about herself and her self-esteem. It defines who she is and where she is going.

When you see a well dressed women in a business suit with high heels and her hair pulled back, you think, that’s a women going places. You instantly respect her as a professional women. The same is true when you see a women at the bar with a super duper mini skirt, hooker heels & layers of makeup. You instantly register EASY TARGET.

The fact of the matter is we live in a world of appearances. We judge based on the 5 senses until further notice. People are guilty until proven innocent.

So how does this help you in the game of CONQUEST?

Its similar to poker. All the players are gathered around the table trying to pick up the slightest clues, tails & patterns. In the game of life/CONQUEST, its the same deal!!! You are trying to pick up clues about your target so you can best relate to her and her experiences. Everyone is most comfortable with people like themselves. The more you can appear to be like the lady of your desire, the closer you will get to your goal.

As with most things, there is a balance. I’m not advocating you start shopping or making hair appointments, I’m suggesting you deeply understand your target as much as possible. Almost like a BFF. But you always must maintain that masculine edge and keep your focus in mind. You aren’t there to make a new best friend, you are there to win the game.

So on your next date, ask yourself, what story is she representing by her outfit. Is she a free spirit? Is she an alpha female not taking anybody’s mess? Is she saying, hey boyz, its open season???

You need to piece together the clues and then act upon it. The best poker players are able to pick up on the subtle clues and reactions that lead to edges. You need to do the same. You can only get better with experience. Unfortunately, I can’t type your way into mastery so go out there and get em player!!!!


Every body tells a story

That means, every person you come into CONTACT with has a story to tell just by the things they say, and more importantly by the things they don’t say and are expressed via signals.

I outlined the major points in my last post:

  1. how they dress
  2. how they carry themselves
  3. the company they keep
  4. their eyes
  5. facial expressions
  6. shoes
  7. earrings/nose piercings/piercings in general
  8. tattoos
  9. weight
  10. height

Over the next 10 days, I’m take each one of these topics and go to into greater detail.

Stay tuned (Freudian slip 😉 )



An important element of the game is studying how well you perform in the field. This can be done by debriefing with your wingman after a long night out or the following day. Most mornings after a night out, I found myself in bed with a hot young lady or grabbing breakfast with her, so recaps generally had to wait til the following afternoon.

How you benefit in exchanging notes with your teammate is seeing different patterns in the sequences of events from that evening. Did he pick up on anything that may have slipped your awareness? Did he notice any early signs that the ladies were signaling to you that you had a winning ticket? Were there some competitive males trying to throw salt in your game?

More often than not, my teammates and I would compare notes on CONQUEST targets. What was she wearing? How did she speak? What part of town did she travel from? What type of guy did she generally expect to meet? What was her occupation? How was her body language? Was she receptive during initial contact?

There are subtle clues that everyone intentionally and unintentionally expresses.

Everybody tells a story about their life by:

  1. how they dress
  2. how they carry themselves
  3. the company they keep
  4. their eyes
  5. facial expressions
  6. shoes
  7. earrings/nose piercings/piercings in general
  8. tattoos
  9. weight
  10. height

They may seem obvious but each contributes to an overall profile of an individual and their experiences in the world. Depending on your location when you meet, you can put clues together and start to connect the dots. This leads to an ocean of exploration called the CAPTIVATION phase which I will get to next year.

In meantime, huddle up with your boys and figure out how you will increase your scoring avgs for the rest of this 2015 season.


Cheesy pick up lines

“You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

We have all heard them. The one liners delivered with such confidence. Although on the surface they may appear effective in grabbing the attention of your desired target, in the long run, they make you look like a moron.


Best pick up line of my career is “Hello.”

THAT’S IT. Its that simple. No need for any clever, cute or dirty pick up lines. The best way to approach a girl is just say “hello,” give your name, and exude a confident smile/persona.

I love using basketball references, so let’s get back to the court. Did you ever see Jordan or Kobe do anything exotic. With the exception of an aerobatic shot when necessary, they were strictly exhibiting mastery of the FUNDAMENTALS.

Same principal applies in the girl game. You must exhibit mastery of the fundamentals. Its the only way. There isn’t a magical pick up line or series of words you will say to enchant someone. It comes down essentially to how you make her feel overall. This is impacted by your appearance, social circle, mannerisms, body language and social status.

It’s my mission to train you all into becoming world class players in the girl game and life.

So drop those cheesy pick up lines in your head RIGHT NOW & let’s go back to the drawing board of how to appropriately contact a women.

Cheesy pick up lines

The Focus is Focus

This can apply to most games on this planet but is this is especially true in the pick up game.

If you are distracted by your numerous life responsibilities, you will never be able to perform at a high level. It all comes down to math.

There are 24 hours in a day. 8 hrs of those will be consumed by sleep. Another 8 hrs by work/school. Another 4 hrs by eating, commuting, socializing wit friends, etc, etc.

Where will you get the energy or how will you effectively utilize your remaining free time??????

This is what separates the PROFESSIONALS from the WEEKEND WARRIORS.

Their whole FOCUS in life is surrounded by 1 dominant game; golf, bball or in my situation; CONQUEST!!!!!!

When I was performing at the top of my game, my whole life surrounded the pursuit of women. I would wake up in the morning, check social media and then plan my day around hanging with a girl that afternoon and another one in the evening. This consistent practice led to tremendous results because of the investment I was putting into my “profession.”

Well, not everyone is suited or interested in becoming a professional conquistador, but the concept to take away is that is all boils down to MATH. What you put in to something is what you will get out. A simple yet balanced equation.

During my college years, I didn’t invest much time in studying. This led to cramming for exams & avg grades. Fortunately, there are many ways to win in the game of life. So eventually, I worked for a large Fortune 50 company before starting my own online businesses. After acquiring enough customers to support my lifestyle, I was able to break free of most life responsibilities and focus 100% on the pursuit of CONQUEST.

Bottom line, free your time and get on the path to greatness. Up your hours, up your game. Its just math players.